Coffee Flour

coffee flour coffee beansCoffee Flour is revolutionary. It is nutritious, helps save the environment, tastes unique and amazing, gluten free and finally it is possibly an amazing new super food. This unlikely new food was the brain child of the former Starbucks engineer, Dan Belliveau. He came upon the new product while developing coffee production facilities for Starbucks. He created the first coffee flour at home and his wife made up some Granola and a few cookies to test out the brand new super food. 

What is it?

coffee cherryWhen coffee is harvested from the tree each coffee bean is encapsulated in the flesh of what is known as a “cherry”. After harvesting the first process in making coffee is to remove the fleshy pulp from the coffee bean. The bean then goes off to be processed into the addictive product that we all know and love, but the pulp, produced from the flesh of the cherries, would normally go to waste. This is the best part. Rather than the pulp being thrown into local rivers or simply left to rot, it is dried and ground into flour. Meaning that by simply creating coffee flour we are having a positive impact on the environment by turning what was a waste product and turning it into an amazing new food.


drying coffee flourEconomically this new product speaks for itself. Coffee farmers can get up to 50% more money for the same harvest. There are no waste handling costs, and minimal set up costs, all helping support the developing nations of which coffee is a major export crop. This could be “The new global impact on food.”

Nutrition – Maybe a Super Food.

100 gluten free 640x640This new flour doesn’t just save our environment and boost emerging economies. It packs a big nutritional punch.

  • Coffee flour is completely gluten free.
  • 5x more fibre than whole grain flour. Its 55% fibre opposed to most other flour at 5-12%.
  • 80% less fat than coconut flour.
  • 80% less fat than coconut flour.
  • Almost twice the protein of tofu and triple the amount of fresh Kale.
  • 3x the iron of spinach.
  • 8x the potassium of bananas.
  • Lightly Caffeinated
With stats like these we believe Coffee Flour really does stack up to be a contender as a super food. Its nutritional benefits clearly show that it stands out from the crowd.

The Flavour

Onto the most important part. Because all the stats in the world won’t make you eat the stuff it doesn’t have it where it counts. Well amazingly it doesn’t taste like coffee. There are a number of different descriptions of the flavour of this stuff. “A sweet, dried fruit flavour, “says Belliveau. Other sources have described it as earthy and floral among other words. No matter how they describe it the message is all positive. It is being used in anything from brownies and bread, to meat rubs, health food bars and even energy drinks. This is due to the flours amazing ability to be used in savoury and sweet products as needed. 

Recipes and Products

coffee flour brownieLimitless, the numbers of different applications of coffee flour are akin to the amount of products that have flour as an ingredient. Because of its amazing versatility this new flour will go as far as your imagination will allow. It has already been made into pasta, bread, brownies, cakes, cookies, granola, batter for fish, a rub for meat and many others. It really can be made into almost anything. Get cooking and share your results with us. 

How do i get Coffee Flour?

We’ll get back to you soon, Coffee Flour production is still experimental but is looking good for 2015!

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