Buy Coffee Flour Online

With all the nutritional benefits that come with coffee flour, it is no surprise that there has been a sudden surge in the number of coffee flour products available on the market. To make your coffee flour purchase easier, we have gathered some information about the most popular brands out right now like Coffee Flour Trader Joe’s, Organic Coffee Flour and more.

Coffee Flour J.Glover Mills

The coffee flour from J.Glover Mills is a great choice for anyone looking for where to buy coffee flour that is 100% natural. J.Glover Mills coffee flour boasts of having the full nutritional benefits of coffee flour such as Antioxidants, Fiber, Iron, Protein, and Potassium.

Just like most dishes made with coffee flour, it is recommended that you try J.Glover Mills coffee flour with dark and smoky dishes, as it tends to turn any dish it is added to dark. Look at this product more like a chocolate seasoning.

  • 100% Natural Coffee flour
  • Vegan Superfood
  • 1 x 8oz (227g) bag

Nature's Earthly Choice Coffee Flour

Like the name suggests, Nature’s Earthly Choice is a company that focuses on delivering high quality natural foods, and you can expect the same of their coffee flour. Their coffee flour is kosher certified and also Gluten-free certified. Although you should confirm just to make sure that it is completely gluten-free. It is certified means it passes the absolute limit of allowable gluten levels in a standard mass of food.

According to Nature’s Earthly Choice Coffee flour Amazon listing, it is also said to have the full range of nutritional elements like antioxidants, iron, and 7g of fiber per serving.

  • 100% natural coffee flour.
  • Kosher certified and Gluten-free certified
  • 1 x 8oz (227g) bag

Coffee Flour Trader Joe’s

Coffee Flour Trader Joe’s is a product that is grown in Nicaragua and packaged in USA to make sure that it retains all of the best of the natural properties that make it a superfood, and at the same time gets the best packaging treatment possible. Trader Joe’s coffee flour has that particular fruity roasted flavor that they know that their customers love very much, and this makes it a special recipe ingredient for most people.

Trader Joe’s coffee is definitely eco-friendly due to the kind of manufacturing process that it undergoes. Also, they make use of a cool resealable bag that uses a Velcro-like seal. You should note that this is not meant to replace your regular flour completely, but instead, it is meant to be used as a nutritional boost to your usual meal.

Trader Joe’s coffee can mostly be found online and rarely in stores as this product is still relatively new, and not everyone has caught on to the vibe just yet. 

  • 100% natural coffee flour.
  • Can be used as Vegan superfood
  • Fruity roasted flavor
  • 1 bag 8oz (227G)
  • 100% natural coffee flour.
  • Can be used as Vegan superfood
  • Fruity roasted flavor
  • 2 bags 16oz (454G)


Coffee Cherry Co. is a company that is all about delivering economic and environmental sustainability for their workers, communities and also the environment around the communities where their coffee is grown. They take pride in using their patented process to upcycle the cherry pulp gotten from the production of green coffee beans and turning it into a highly nutritional product.

Coffee Cherry Co. doesn’t just make awesome coffee flour, they intend to use their product and manufacturing process to alleviate poverty and hunger. The company is also interested in improving the overall well being of their customers by making sure that the product that they offer is full of all the essential nutrients that it has to offer.

Coffee Cherry Co.’s manufacturing process for their coffee flour bulk is so eco-friendly that it earned them 1st place in the 3S climate change award in 2017.

  • 100% natural coffee flour.
  • Contains more fiber per gram than whole grain wheat flour.
  • Contains more antioxidants per gram than is found in a pomegranate.
  • Contains less fat than is found in a coconut and more fiber per gram too.
  • Contains more iron per gram than is found in a fresh spinach.
  • Banana can’t compete as it has more potassium per gram than is found in one gram of banana.
  • 530mg of caffeine Per 100g of coffee cherry.
  • 1 x 8oz (227g) bag