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Coffee Flour Bread: A delicious twist on the classic sourdough loaf

If you consider yourself a bread-making connoisseur or something of an experimental bread maker — somebody who loves playing around with different ingredients and crafting unique, artisan loaves — this recipe for coffee flour bread is for you. Coffee flour is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in cake and biscuit baking, but can also be used for making bread, as …

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Gluten Free Coffee Flour Cookies: A Tasty, Versatile Treat For Everybody

Coffee flour might seem like just another baking fad, but delicious recipes like these gluten free coffee flour cookies prove this new superfood is here to stay. Its tantalisingly fragrant, nutty undertones and the fact that it’s naturally gluten free mean coffee flour is gaining momentum within the baking world — especially amongst those of us who are celiac or …

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Coffee Flour Muffins: The Bakers’ New Super Snack

Coffee flour muffins are a brilliantly versatile snack that can be adapted for numerous occasions. They’re great for lunchboxes, afternoon tea, or even breakfast on-the-move. Whilst the caffeine content of coffee flour is relatively low, its nutty, festive flavour brings a special twist to any muffin recipe. But what really earns these coffee flour muffins their cape as a ‘super …

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Coffee Flour Pancakes: A Breakfast Revolution

Coffee flour pancakes are a rather unheard of breakfast phenomenon. Breakfast is largely considered the most important meal of the day, but it’s also often the most overlooked. Rushing to work or the school run each morning and or sacrificing breakfast time for a few extra minutes of precious sleep means we rarely get the most out of our first …

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Coffee Flour Brownies: A Delicious Gluten Free Treat Full of Hidden Benefits

The groundbreaking wonder ingredient of these coffee flour brownies probably has more to it than you realise. It’s recently been transforming classic recipes across the baking world, but if this is your first coffee flour recipe, you might be wondering what exactly this professed new super food is. Coffee flour is a natural by-product of coffee production. It’s made from …

Coffee Flour a Gluten Free Revolution!

Approximately 18 million Americans are gluten intolerant in some way. This is a huge portion of the population and even though gluten free products are becoming more available it can still be a challenge to find foods that suit a gluten free diet. The days of grabbing a muffin with your morning coffee, a treat from the bakery or even …

Coffee Flour and Intellectual Ventures

This is the video from Intellectual Ventures the private investment firm that is backing coffee flour to get this amazing new product off the ground.

CCTV News Article on Coffee Flour

This is the recent news article on coffee flour from the YouTube news channel CCTV. Outlining some of the major benefits of coffee flour. Especially for the developing nations that produce coffee and that suffer from its very volatile market.